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23278 Bernhardt Street
Hayward, CA 94545
Toll free: 1877-2-IMPACT

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FTP Instructions


FTP Instructions for:
Impact Printing Hayward, CA

Step 1: Locate your favorite ftp software (search the web for ftp and we suggest  
programs like FileZilla and SmartFTP to be used).

Step 2: Install the FTP software and Open it.

Step 3: Locate the Host text box and enter host name:

Step 4: Locate the Username text box and enter: artworkftp

Step 5: Locate the Password text box and enter:  impactftp1

Step 6: Locate the Connect or Submit button and click.

Step 7: Most FTP applications include two file explorers a Local (your computer) and a remote (where you are sending the file). Find the file you would like to upload in the local explorer.

Step 8: Right click the file you would like to upload and choose a command that indicates it will be uploaded to the remote site.

Step 9: Check the log (changing text and commands) and see that the upload was successful.

Step 10: Your file is uploaded.

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